Just me talking,

Well let’s get real for a lil while here to be a true Christian means to follow after Christ. From the time of Christ Jesus birthday to the six hours one Friday his preordained death when God the father promised Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden when they were banished from the garden. Because of sin God promised Adam and Satan that Christ would strike his head that old serpent Lucifer the fallen angel and why did he fall because of PRIDE he wanted God’s throne but God had other plans. Meaning he sent his one only son to destroy sin once for and all for you for me for all of us so until either we die or Jesus soon return after he has made everything wonderful and beautiful for his bride the ones who choose to live in obedience as a good wife should do as they should do because our righteous is because he took away our sins. I feel like writing today if you have enjoyed this website this far let me know drop me a line.

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