Something I wrote in Interpersonal communication class,

Dear Class,

An effective way for me to explain nonverbal communication would be a situation that happened to me over the Holidays. So, to begin with, I live in the real world with real-world problems that occur. And this did happen Christmas night; my friend from downstairs in the apartment below us was acting strange, and I have no clue what goes on downstairs, and I’m glad now not knowing. Okay, so I live with six other Guys, and we are in rehab Sober Living America. I once had a drinking problem. I’m not perfect, and I don’t live in a perfect world people do slip and fall, and I have failed so many times. Back to the story, because my friend was acting strangely, we knew something was just not right, and it was Christmas night, but it’s a joyful time of year, and it usually is, but some people like it so much they have a need to celebrate carelessly. I’m not going to name names, but my friend was making a scene banging on doors and windows, trying to get them to let him in. He started the same stuff up here in this apartment, and my friend looked at me. I nodded my head as in no way hell no don’t you let him in because he had come through one time, and the door was unlocked. Still, by now, we had locked it, so he left, and thank goodness because the next day, we find out he had a three fifty-seven magnum and enough bullets to kill the whole apartment downstairs and upstairs, and he has no reason to want in and no reason to hide his backpack yeah right. So, we avoided an absolute nightmare by not letting “RAMBO” come in.

Thanks, Class

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