“WE” Christians,

In this world, our world this world of ours is getting more and more evil every day and we Christians should be doing something about it. I propose we do something besides praying we need to take action today while we still have today, I really don’t think God is verry proud to be calling us his children because we have become so lukewarm in our belief that we think we’re doing God a favor by being His children we stink with pride. Who made the Heavens and the earth but God himself and Who is going to stand at Judgement we are who have not become lukewarm, and He will say Enter In or will He? Today is the day of salvation and we should be fixing the wrongs and making them right I propose we take back our country In God We Trust our forefathers will roll over in their graves if they see the evil way of the world today. There is no right or wrong anymore it’s as if. If it feels good, do it, we have no morals no gravity of sin anymore. Jesus our Leader stood up for a great cause and they murdered him. Why wouldn’t they murder us too and if there was someone who would stand up against the social norm of this world the evil forces of this world would try to take that person out for telling the truth. The devil has been trying to take me out and kill me my whole life because of this message. Be aware if you’re doing Gods Will. Satan will try to kill you as your reading this all of you can look back over your life and see the hand of God if you’re a true child of God you know if you’re a threat to the Devils kingdom.

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